Rejection Stings

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I wrote a very personal essay on something that happened to me at eighteen. I sent it off with a deep breath and hoped it would be chosen for an anthology someone was putting together. today I received this; 

Thank you for sending us “Patti Smith Saved My Life”. It was such an honor to be given the opportunity to review your work, however it was not selected for publication in Stories of Music: Volume 2. We were overwhelmed with the number (and quality) of submitted pieces for the book, and quite simply, we had to choose those which will best compliment one another as a collection.

While your work was not selected for this publication, we truly enjoyed reviewing it. Thank you again for the opportunity, and hopefully we will have another opportunity to work together in the future. All the best to you in your creative endeavors.

I don’t want to be disappointed but I am. It was a hard piece to write and I waited over six weeks to hear back. Now on the one hand, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, but Ugh! That means more waiting and possibly more disappointment. Sometime I really don’t feel cutout for this.

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Beauty burst


Sometimes it’s just nice to stop and look at something pretty! I don’t really have anything to say today except, Enjoy!


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I am at it again! I am now 166 pages into what I suspect will be my next novel, which begs the question, why? Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying writing it. As usual these characters have taken me places I’ve never dreamed of, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out, but survival can be challenging over here in the real world. I write nonstop.

Sometimes I just want to set up a Go Fund Me campaign, or Kickstarter page to fund my work. Didn’t artists of yesterday have people who paid their bills for them? I need a really great sugar-daddy, because I wouldn’t honestly feel good about asking others to pay for what I, myself can’t pay for. But if a really rich guy who didn’t have anything better to do with his money were to come along, well…

On a side note, did you know that to work for Petco they make you take a timed test with math and grammar, and actual difficult questions, just when applying online? What kind of brain surgery are they performing over there?

Oh well, I have characters waiting to tell me their stories, so until next time, take care! 

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There are a lot of sisters among my family. Not only am I one of four sisters, (we have one brother stuck right in the middle, poor guy) but I have two girls, and one of my sisters has two girls, and now my nephew has two girls.

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I would be lost without my sisters. They are who have raised me. They are who I bounce ideas off of. They are who I laugh with, and who I love more than anything. In bringing up my own girls I have always told them to be good to one another and to treasure their relationship. Of course with two differing personalities, they have often looked at me as though I am nuts.

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Still, even with their differences they were never really nasty to each other. Now that they are separated by Tessa’s going off to college I see them getting closer and closer and it’s so great. They call each other to discuss various shows they are watching or to plot what they’ll do on their next visit and best of all the hugs are back.

My nephew saw them hugging on a recent visit and with a one and two year old he laughingly asked his wife if he could imagine their girls hugging like that. She also laughed because they are at the stage of, “Hey, that’s mine!” But I can see it easily.


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My Favorite Collage

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I love this piece that I created back when I was writing The Salacious Marny Ottwiler. It is a beautiful depiction of a complex character, in a book that has some truly funny moments.

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Ted Talks, Seriously?

As you all know, I am obsessed with trying to figure out how to cross that bridge to success. Today I read a post on SheWrites that said an agent told this particular writer “Get your Ted Talk together and then I’ll think about signing you.” The theory being that even a fictional writer needs to promote themselves as an expert on whatever they write about.megan's 117 I am not an expert on anything other than writing by the seat of my pants. Without a doubt, my most popular book to date has been On a Hot August AfternoonThis is a book that deals with marriage, (I’ve never been married) possible infidelity, (I’ve never been cheated on) family and trust. Granted I do have a family and I have dealt with trust issues, but in a completely different scenario. I hardly think this makes me an expert on any of it.

I love my family and that is generally a theme throughout all of my books, but I have to admit, I don’t see a Ted Talk about it coming up anytime soon.

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Missing in Action

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I haven’t posted in several days and you have all gone away! Yikes. I guess I really have to put more time and effort into this if I hope to build my audience. I have been taking in the Northern California beauty that is so spectacular here in spring.

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It has proven to be more than a little breathtaking! So enjoy the pictures while I attempt to come up with a real post.


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