Make it Stop!


I try really hard not to get political here or on Facebook. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions even if those opinions are the polar opposite of mine. Staying quiet during this horrific election period has proven harder than ever, and yet, so far my head has not physically exploded. 


Now that we are almost to the end I am hopeful that I’ll make it through without offending anyone. I am praying that once this is all over some semblance of sanity will return and that people will once again be capable of being kind to one another. What do you think?

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel


I don’t know about you, but I had all kinds of hope for 2016. Sigh…

I have to say however, that it has not gone at all well. Sure, there have been moments, but overall this year has been shadowed by disease, panic, death and a general feeling of despair. In other words, not a lot of fun. 

I refuse to give up hope though, even as my computer insists on acting stupid, and if here at 9:45 a.m. the day is off to a rocky start.  Things have got to get better, right? It’s just a matter of having the strength to ride it out, and if there is one thing I have, it’s perseverance. I refuse to give up or believe that it will always be this way. If 2016 was not my year, than maybe 2017 will be. Who knows, maybe this year will even pull up and out of the nose dive it’s currently in, and balance out in this eleventh hour. Here’s hoping anyway! 

How has your year gone? Have things worked out the way you hoped?


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How Low Would You Go?


My daughter went to her college counselor for help sending her transcripts to a college, and the counselor, apparently having a bad day, went off on her. She crumpled the request my daughter had handed her and threw it on the floor. She yelled at her for not following the procedure she wanted her to follow, even though it had been another administrator who had told her to take this request to this person. My daughter was ridiculed for the college choices she has made, and when shaken, she began to cry, this woman told her she didn’t care, and took on a baby voice belittling her. It is inconceivable to me that anyone could behave so cruelly, but particularly someone who claims to love teenagers, as well as her position as their college counselor. When this authority figure finally began to calm down, she told my daughter to keep this between them, because she didn’t want to hear from her mother, or for this to get around the school. Thank God my daughter did not allow herself to be intimidated into silence for more than an hour.It was a horrifying experience that couldn’t be ignored.

Naturally, I was livid when I heard what had happened, but not wanting to overreact, I thought long and hard to come up with an appropriate response. As upset as my daughter was, she was clear that she did not want to rob her friends of their college counselor by getting this woman, who happens to also be the Head of School, fired. I finally wrote to the vice principle to ask if he was aware of what had happened, saying I was considering how to proceed and would be curious to get his feedback. He immediately passed my email onto the very woman who had said she didn’t want to hear from me, and whom I was not ready to speak to. She called and essentially said, “my bad.”

I listened to her as on the one hand she took responsibility for her bad conduct, while on the other hand she threw out one excuse after another. She’s overworked, understaffed, tired, etc. As I told her, that changes nothing.

The thing she said that has continued to bother me the most is that we all do this at one time or another. Sure, no one is perfect, but I have NEVER done to anyone, what she did to my daughter. I will NEVER speak to anyone, or belittle them the way she did. And yes, never say never, and all of that, but I live by the theory of treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.

In the end she has apologized and I hope I really have given her the “wake up call” that she claims I have. I have told her I will absolutely go after her if I ever hear of her going off on another child, but short of going to the board and getting her fired, I don’t know what else can be done. I find it so disheartening that she feels everyone behaves this way. I just can’t get over it.

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Real Estate Anyone?


Whenever I write something I like to find a house that my character might live in. The above house is where Allie Taylor from Crashing Into Us lives. Yesterday I was looking again for a different character and came across this property right off of Laurel Canyon. If you hurry it could be yours for just over 2 million. Tempted?



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Sunday Sand, Surf & Book Covers?


My sister had a photo shoot in Malibu today so I decided to tag along and try some photos of my own for a new book cover. Specifically for Searching for my Wand I like some of what I got, but I don’t know that any of them is quite right.

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Tragedy Sells


My sister went to the library yesterday and came home with three books, First Comes Love, by Emily Griffin, Here’s to Us, by Elin Hilderbrand and Her Again, Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman. On the sleeve of the first book, in the very first descriptive paragraph, there is the line, “But when tragedy strikes, their delicate bond is splintered.”  . Fittingly, the second book brings it up in the second paragraph; “But their fragile detente threatens to come crashing down after Deacon’s tragic death in his favorite place on earth.”  Finally, the Meryl Streep book alludes to a tragic relationship she had with a fellow actor. All three writers are well known and successful, so they might be on to something.

My first novel, Searching for My Wand also involves a tragedy, but I have always shied away from saying so in the fear that people would think the book is depressing. I don’t think it is. The reviews say it’s not. For example, this one is how, in essence they all read.

“What a wonderful book. The author has created some truly exceptional characters. They are full of life and seem ‘real’. There is just enough humor to lighten the mood when necessary. I think this is a quick, easy read that will be enjoyed by all.”

Now I am wondering if I shouldn’t change the cover of this book to something darker and play up the fact that tragedy strikes to send the characters reeling. The following is the blurb I have always gone with.

Glenda was named (incorrectly) after Glinda the Good Witch and therefore, subconsciously, has spent her entire life trying to live up to the reputation of a fictional character. To the outside world, she’s succeeding. She appears to have it all, the perfect husband, two beautiful little girls, a nice house, good friends and a dog named Bono! To Glenda, it’s not all that it’s all cracked up to be. Life throws her some unexpected curves and her world begins to unravel. 

What do you think? Should I change it to something like, 

Having struggled with addiction in the past, Glenda has managed to conquer her demons and find the life she always dreamed of with the love of her life, or has she? When tragedy strikes, her world is turned upside down and she is left desperately trying to hold onto a life that no longer exists.

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I’m All Out


Twenty weeks is a long time to do excerpts, but I think I’m finally out. Sure I could put up different excerpts from books I’ve already given you glimpses of, but if you haven’t been inspired to buy a book yet, my continuing to give you free chapters probably isn’t going to change that. So, what should come next? Let’s brainstorm, shall we?


Have you got any ideas?

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