I Got Hacked!

F. 614 087

Does anyone understand the point of hacking? I mean, if you were getting into an account where there was bank information, or social security numbers, I can see where a crook could use that, but Facebook? Who wants to hack memes and cat videos? (Not that I post either of those.) Seriously, other than causing me a big old hassle, what was the point?

F. 744 006

Now after jumping through a whole bunch of hoops, I can look at Facebook on my phone again, but I cannot figure out how to fix it on my Toshiba laptop. A friend said I might need to uninstall Facebook and then put it back on. Okay.

So, when it still wasn’t working this morning, I tried that. Only problem is that I can’t find where it is! I’ve gone through programs, apps and settings, but apparently it is nowhere to be found. Touche hackers! If your aim was to drive me crazy, you are well on your way!

F. 780 006-2

Has this happened to any of you? Do you have a solution for me?

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Passion Is No Ordinary Word


I have always told my kids to find what they love most, and then to go for it, whatever it might be. Last night however, it struck me that I might not be so sure that is good advice. (I also might not be so sure that is a good sentence, but let’s address one issue at a time.)

My sixteen year old daughter is understandably frustrated. She is tired of the apartment we are living in and would like us to move. I  would love to move also, but it’s not in the budget. Her solution is for me to go out and get a job. Now in her defense, she will be working this summer, so it’s not as though she is asking me to do something she would never do herself. However, she certainly won’t make enough money for us to move, and neither would I if I were to go work at Aaron Brothers, or any of the other jobs she thinks I should apply for.

I am a writer. I have been a writer since I was a very young child. I have always known that this is what I am meant to do. It is truly my passion. That is the good side of this life I am living. The difficult part is that no one understands what it means to be so compelled to write. To have a dream that you know is meant to be fulfilled, but which has yet to be realized, at least in a financial way. When I hear, “go get a job, you can still write on the weekends,” it is clear to me that the people saying it don’t understand what it takes to write write and promote numerous novels.

I have had jobs outside of writing before and each time it literally sucked the light and creativity out of me. It also made no significant change in our finances. Yes, we could pay the bills a little easier, but were there vacations or new homes? No. The reality is that I am a high school drop out. I am not going to get a high paying job. As I tried to explain to my daughter, I can stay the course and hope to one day make it big, or I can give up, but what is in it for me? What do I get if I give up?

This is a full time job on it’s own, but last night, for the first time, I wished it wasn’t. I’m tired of trying to explain myself. I’m tired of being judged, and I am tired of wanting this dream so bad that it hurts. I wish I could give up. I wish I could convince myself that if I were to get a traditional job I could get more than an unsatisfactory existence.

I know what I know though, and that is all I would get. I’ve seen too many people cave to pressure and give up on their dreams. I watched my own mother bow to the pressure, and then watched her slowly die. I can’t give up, but now I wonder, do I really want my kids to find something they love as much as I love writing? Maybe not.

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Oops I Did It Again!

F. 685 073 (2)

I have completed another novel and it only took me two months. That’s not even a record either. I think I wrote Crashing Into Us in two weeks! I think The Salacious Marny Ottwiler took the longest at four months, but even that is considered long in the world of novel writing.

photo 5

Now of course comes the hard part where I have to edit, figure out a catchy blurb, and design the cover. Worse still I have to market it. Every time I put out a new book I get incredibly frustrated trying to market it, and I swear that I’m not going to do it again. Then I write something like this new novel and I feel compelled to put it out. It’s crazy, but what can you do? I guess buried deep under the disappointment, hope really does spring eternal!

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Excerpt Sunday 2


The Salacious Marny Ottwiler is one of my favorite books and one I hope to someday write a sequel to. Marny is sarcastic, irreverent, and her life is out of control, but she is also likable and really funny. You root for her throughout because as crazy as she is, she is who you would want to have as your best friend…

Say your prayers. Kneel down with me right now and pray harder than you have ever prayed before. This is going to take a massive groundswell kind of prayer. The sort that can bring our Lord and Savior to his senses. Repeat after me: “Dear God, let Marny get her period. To delay any further will be in no one’s best interest. Please, please, please put your petty differences aside and do what’s best for the world as a whole. She will do better. She will do the right thing as soon as she can figure out what that is, but have mercy on this tortured soul because regardless of how much enjoyment her squirming, twisting turmoil may bring you, it’s not right. Your job is to look at the big picture and it would appear that you have lost sight of that, no offense. Please reconsider as soon as possible, Amen.”

My period has never been more than a day or two late. We are at ten days and counting. This is bad, very, very bad. I cry at Kraft macaroni and cheese commercials. My boobs hurt, my stomach is upset, and I crave salt and burgers. Big juicy burgers with all the fixins. My hands have been known to shake in anticipation as I bring its juicy goodness to my lips, and then I savior every last bite. I am out of control, and too scared to confirm my worst fear. I don’t even know whose it would be. This cannot be happening.

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Art Says It All


I have been a fan of art for as long as I can remember. Doug Webb is one of my favorites! How he does what he does is beyond me. That said, I also love some of the drawings my daughter has been doing for her art class. Below is the most recent. She was told to draw a picture that says something about who she is.


Before this she was told to do a still life and chose to do this, which I loved, but…


She decided it wasn’t right and instead went with this.

FullSizeRender (29)

I think my favorite so far however has been this.


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Am I Doing This Wrong?


I just read an interesting post from Kristen Lamb all about blogging, and how as an author, I should have a shopping cart off to the side where you can buy my books directly. It makes perfect sense and yet it overwhelms me. The first issue is that I would have to move to a paid website. I’d also have to transfer all of my previous posts, and I’d have to figure out how to set up this proposed shopping cart. That is a little daunting for this tired old brain of mine.

I’ve tried proceeding by the theory that slow and steady wins the race, but it may be time to concede to defeat. Perhaps this summer when my more techy daughter returns, I might have to give this old blog an update. What do you think? Would you be more inclined to shop if there was a cart off to the side?

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I Guess Haters Gotta Hate


I find the climate of the world troubling right now, and by that I am not talking about Global Warming. I am talking about the need to knock people behind their backs on social media and elsewhere. Whatever happened to the motto that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all? If only people would abide by that.

I was on Facebook earlier today, and a “Friend” said something casually offensive in regards to Garry Marshall’s new film, Mother’s Day, which I just happened to see last night. Here’s how this person’s post read: 

An open update to Garry Marshall:

Please don’t make a “Father’s Day” movie…it’s the only day we have left and another stinker will just make it worse…

Obviously just an offhanded snarky comment about a movie I am going to go out on a limb and guess he hasn’t even seen. But, here’s what bothers me the most about his comment. I am certain he would not say that to the man’s face. In fact, if he had the pleasure of meeting Garry, (as admittedly I have) he would be captivated by his charm, wit, and kindness.

I get it that Mother’s Day may not appeal to a large male audience. It doesn’t have to. However, a lot of people worked very hard to make a film that puts laughter and positivity out into the world. Something that is desperately needed right now, and that I for one, am grateful for. It shouldn’t be so hard for a grown man to take a moment before posting and to realize he should have a little respect.

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