All great sages and philosophers of antiquity emphasized the importance of the heart, calling it the “Abode of God.” It contains enormous magical potential and all the divine abilities people are destined to unseal in the coming New Era — the Era of the Heart.

What is the fiery heart? What unknown functions does it perform? What are the specifics of its work? What is it capable of? How can you hear the voice of your heart and how can you avoid confusing it with the mind?

Answers to these and many other questions will be provided to you by the Lord of Love and Compassion, known as the “Great Heart,” in Book 6 of The Teaching of the Heart series. Revealing the profound significance of the human heart step by step, He will enable you to look in an entirely new way at the treasure beating within your breast. After learning to listen to your heart, you will find a loyal friend that will always prompt you in which direction you need to head in order to realize your spiritual potential and accomplish — in the best way possible — the mission entrusted to you by destiny.

It is the opening and awakening of the human heart that will allow humanity to move to a new level of its spiritual development.

Will you open your heart?

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