Managing Life's Expectations

Facilitator Reproducible Activities for Groups and Individuals

Teens are bombarded with expectations from parents, teachers, peers, work supervisors, themselves, media messages, and society s standards. They need to figure out when to try, or not try, to live up to someone s expectations and decide how to handle unreasonable expectations while upholding their own passions and plans.

The Teens Managing Life's Expectations Workbook gives you the tools you need to work with teens as they manage all of the expectations thrown at them. The activities in this workbook help teens recognize, evaluate, and revise as needed expectations from others and themselves.

Each chapter focuses on specific skills that teens will learn to help them manage expectations including:

· Decision making

· Empathy

· Goal-setting and prioritizing

· Gratitude

· Resiliency

· Strength from adversity

· Teamwork

Each activity in the workbook has clear instructions for the facilitator and offers a variety of options including journal writing, role playing, group discussion opportunities, goal-setting, and free expression activities. All of the worksheets and handouts are fully reproducible. This workbook is spiral bound to facilitate making copies of the various activities and handouts.

The nine chapters included in the workbook are:

1. Self-Expectations

2. Care-Giver Expectations

3. Peer Expectations

4. Partner Expectations

5. School Expectations

6. Work/Volunteer Expectations

7. Media Expectations

8. Self-Development Expectations

9. Recap