Hanover; Or the Persecution of the Lowly : A Story of the Wilmington Massacre

Jack Thorne

Hanover; or the Persecution of the Lowly - A Story of the Wilmington Massacre by Jack Thorne. WILMINGTON, NOV. 11.--With the killing of the Negroes yesterday the backbone of the trouble seems to have been broken. The authors of the tragedy have gone to their homes and the mob has disbanded as if in contempt of the gangs of Negroes who still hang about in the black quarters growling and threatening the whites. Law and order are gradually being restored; and those among the Negroes who feel resentment against the whites are afraid to show their true colors. Early this morning 300 resolute white men gathered at the Mayor's office and were sworn in as new policemen. Late last night half a hundred white citizens got together and planned a big lynching party which was to raid the city from centre to circumference to-day. There were six Negroes in jail who had been arrested during the excitement of the day, and who some people of the town thought should be summarily dispatched. One was a leader, Thomas Miller, who was charged with declaring that he would wash his hands in a white man's blood before night. Another was A. R. Bryant, charged with being a dangerous character; the others were less prominent, but had been under the ban of the whites for conduct calculated to incite trouble. Mayor Waddell and his associates put a veto upon the proposed lynching. They said that good government was to prevail in Wilmington from this time, and would commence immediately. The would-be lynchers were so insistent that the Mayor called out a guard and kept the jail surrounded all night. This morning the six Negroes were taken out and escorted to the north bound train by a detachment of militia, to be banished from the city. The citizens cheered as they saw them going, for they considered their departure conducive to peace in the future. G. Z. French, one of the county leaders, attempted to escape. He ran through the streets, but was overtaken at the depot by several members of the posse. A noose was thrown over his head and was drawn tightly around his neck. Gasping and half choked, he fell upon his knees, begging for his life. NEGRO BEGS FOR LIFE.

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