Where Did everyone Go?

I know things ebb and flow, come and go, etc. but in the last week or so my numbers have been really low when it comes to people reading this blog. At least, that’s what WordPress is telling me when I go to my stats. I could lie and say I don’t look that often but I look every day. It’s addictive.

I am preparing to release my third novel so this is no time to be losing people. Part of the problem could be that I’ve been avoiding Twitter. I just don’t find it as interesting as I used to. In the beginning, I could keep up with everyone and there seemed to be more of a connection. Now I don’t recognize most of the names, and it’s cluttered with quotes and people trying to sell me things. Half of the time when you comment on something you don’t get a reply until hours later because their tweet was automated. I keep telling myself to spend more time there but myself refuses.

As long as I’m complaining, I don’t understand why no one is buying my first book, “Searching for My Wand”. It is a very entertaining book with great reviews. “On a Hot August Afternoon” has sold much better, and sure, I’ve promoted it more but show some love for the first born. At the risk of being a shameless promoter, here’s the link for both books.



If you have any suggestions on how to build my audience, or things you’d like me to blog about, be sure to let me know.


About bridgetstraub

Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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22 Responses to Where Did everyone Go?

  1. I’m here my friend!!! Promote your book sweetie, get it out there, tweet, facebook etc. Link up at the hop too okay xo

  2. Angela Brown says:

    Well, I am also here, and there and all over with this blog tour I’m doing promoting my book Neverlove. I haven’t had a chance to do the kind of “blog comment love” I tend to do. Right now I’m supposed to be napping but you see what I’m doing lol!!

  3. I read your blog through Google Reader. I don’t know if WP accesses reading this way. I’m terrible about commenting on anyone’s blog. But I am reading. 😉
    I’ve been told and listen to other writers and in the fall, they all have declines in sales. Maybe it’s a gearing up for the holidays thing. *shrugs*
    Good luck!

  4. I’m discovering you today and plan to read more. I hope things pick up for you!

  5. lulu says:

    Yep, those WP stats can be addictive, but you have to be grateful for what you got. I don’t do much to promote my blog and am delighted when people just come along. Good luck with your book….I’ll check it out.

  6. Stats smats. Don’t worry about it. I certainly have my off weeks when I’m not reading anybody blogs, but nonetheless I will be reading your next book.

  7. Raquel says:

    Hi Bridget! I’m reading! It’s my first time here and I’m so glad to have found you! Love the way you write and your honesty. Many bloggers have mentioned how ‘quiet’ it is lately, perhaps the time of year? Well done you for writing these awesome books, I’ll go and check them out right now!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  8. My numbers are down, too. That’s just how it goes sometimes. Keep writing wonderful posts and it all work itself out. 🙂

  9. I have to admit *looks sheepish* I haven’t read your first book, whereas I have the 2nd….weird huh? I can’t even give you a good reason why lol 😉


  10. TheJackB says:

    I don’t always trust the stats- some of it just seems…off.

  11. Smooches and hugs so happy to see so many visitors from the hop. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Wishing you a beautiful weekend xo

  12. Arlee Bird says:

    I’m catching up after having been a bit out of the loop in commenting.

    My theory on the book sales is that Wand sounds too innocent and fairy-tale-like while Hot August has a more potentially salacious sound. You know, 50 Shades of Gray and all. Don’t know about the reader trend out there and not sure I’d want to cater to that.

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