Mornings Are Rough!

Mornings are anything but tranquil around here. I try to live by the theory that you should begin each day fresh. I do my best not to let arguments from the day before bleed over into the new day, and although I sleep poorly, I do try hard not to say the things that run through my head when my youngest wakes me to do her hair. “Do her hair” consists of pulling it back into a tight ponytail. She’s almost thirteen, people; I think we all know that she could do this herself.

Still, I sit up and dutifully take the brush, the ponytail band and her long hair into my hands, and do my best to present her with an acceptable ponytail. Yeah, I failed this morning. It was puffy. Puffy, I tell you! It was dark is what it was, and I was half asleep. It looked fine to me. She went off, complained that her sister was in the hallway bathroom as she does every day, and then came back and insisted I try again.

Now here’s the thing; I could have told her to take a flying leap. I mean let’s be honest, that’s what I wanted to do, but I did not. Instead, I reminded myself that she had to go to school all day while I was going to get to stay home and write this post. As someone who hated going to school, and who has clearly passed that school-hate gene onto my children, I took a deep breath and gave her a better ponytail.

What would you have done? Are you a morning person? Do your mornings run smoothly?


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4 Responses to Mornings Are Rough!

  1. Angela Brown says:

    Because my chipmunk is 8 years old, yeah, I would have redone it…and grumbled the whole time lol!

  2. Margarita says:

    Actually, I AM a morning person…my daughter is not, so the hair thing is hard for her. She’s 25 and I STILL do her braid! lol xoxoM

  3. I am one of those irritating morning people. 😀 It’s my favorite time of day.

  4. paulaacton says:

    My daughter just moved out last month age 19 and I had started weaning her onto doing her own hair when she turned 18 otherwise she would have expected me to get up and go to her new flat each morning to do it, I always had long hair but learned from an early age how to do it myself the reason…my mum pulled it like hell when she brushed it then pulled it really tight I guess there was method to her plan though with four girls to do as if she had done one she would have had to do all or maybe it was just the fact she had always had short hair herself either way I know I was a lot more gentle with my daughter and it backfired into many early morning strops of not high enough, too high,not in the middle lol

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