I Must Be Out of My Mind!

I have been struggling for a long time, and need something to break. I have spent a solid year now trying to “build my brand” and promote my books, as well as “Room to Grow”, the musical I wrote with Laura. I have worked harder than I have ever worked in my life and although there have certainly been moments of accomplishment, there has been little to no financial reward. I have bills to pay and I don’t mind telling you, I am freaking out! Have you any idea what braces cost? Not to mention rent, gas, and insurance. So what do I do? I create art and decide I’ll sell that. Yeah, that makes sense.

For about 24 hours I was all charged up about this. Art to inspire and bring joy to those who look at and (hopefully) buy it. Art that people could commission or could purchase from the vast library of work I’ll have available. You know me, I’m the girl who wrote four novels in a year, so I created four pieces on Saturday alone. I have since put together several more, and I like them. They range in size from 11×14 to 24×30 and are a mixture of watercolors, acrylics, photos and pen, among other things.

And then I crashed. I’ve spent all of this time trying to conquer this whole marketing thing with my writing, and now I’m going to do this? I want to market to interior designers. I have a couple of images that would be perfect in a nursery or playroom. How I would do that I haven’t a clue. Not surprisingly, I woke up this morning with a migraine and when I forced myself to get up and take a walk, I came across this:

What does that mean??? Is it a sign from the universe to move ahead full steam or is it just random graffiti? I really don’t know what I’m going to do, but if there is one thing I know, it’s that I have got to do something.


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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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13 Responses to I Must Be Out of My Mind!

  1. Rick Hall says:

    Love that sign.and I have decoded it’s meaning….okay I have really haven’t figured it out but I do know that any creative endeavor is a struggle, a balancing act between what we want to create and what the world tells us will be received (or sell). I hate to be so commercial but we all have bills to pay as well….Ah the struggle. Hmmm.

  2. Margarita says:

    I understand your dilemma…it’s painful, scary, and you’ll get through it.

  3. paulaacton says:

    We actually have a new hair salon here the other half uses that for a small percentage of sales has the artwork of a local artist decorating their walls not only do they get fresh new art work to hang on their walls but you can buy art that you egt hooked on while getting your hair cut (other half won’t let me go wait with him while he has his done now) but maybe you could see if any small interior design shops or furnishing shops would allow you to do something similar

  4. artquench says:

    Listen to your soul and you will know exactly what to do. You already know this. It does not mean overnight success, but it will lead you on a journey of happiness and maybe some great financial gain. Never loose your faith.Believe in yourself and then others will too.

  5. hezalyte says:

    Your struggle will be worth it! We all struggle to uphold our dreams at one point or another (as i am sure you know :)), and those who do not face the difficult times become crippled by it. The only way is to persevere; moving forwards and finding different resources. Even branching to those places that you wouldn’t normally think to reach out to can surprisingly be the answer that networks you to your biggest break 🙂 Much like paulaaction’s suggestion!
    Anyway, Good luck on your goals! I will be rooting for you!

  6. Wow, freaky seeing that sign Bridget!

    They say don’t they, don’t decide to become a writer for money, you’ll be sadly disappointed….do it because you love it. I love that whole concept, but at the same time, like you say, bills need to be paid 😦

    I think it’s a brilliant idea that you’ve decided to sell your art. I’ve only seen a couple of your drawings and they’re lovely!

    Where I live we have an art gallery who take work and then when they sell something they take a percentage. It works really well, and we get to see the talent (and have the chance to purchase) of unknown artists. I don’t suppose there’s anything like that near you? Also I’ve heard that Etsy is really good. I’ve not bought art myself but I have bought jewellery 🙂 We also have 2 cafes who sell artists work on their walls, so I would definitely approach cafes. Offer them a percentage of your sales and they can’t lose!

    Good luck honey


    • I really really do love writing! Believe me, I wish I didn’t have to worry about bills. I’m loving the art too but I don’t think I’m quite as comfortable in that, at least not yet.

      • Just to give you a little boost honey…..

        When I posted to FaceBook a link to your book, when you did the Free download thing, I know a few of my friends downloaded it. Yesterday, I met up with a friend who thanked me for putting the link up. She said she read it and LOVED it!!!! 🙂

        I said OMG WOMAN! Put a review up on Amazon!!!!! She said she will 🙂


      • I Love you. You are so sweet and encouraging. I just got back the cover for the next book and can’t wait to share it! Today’s post is definitly with you in mind!

      • Brilliant honey, shall go and have a look later 🙂


  7. yes, keep moving forward. Make your dreams happen, I believe in you! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

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