Vacation-Part Two

Once we arrived at the house, we ran around checking every room. It looked like a Pottery Barn/ Pier One catalog. The appliances were all top of the line, as were the electronics. While waiting for Rick and Laura to return from their workshop, the kids jumped into the hot tub and we relaxed. Later that night after dinner, we took the kids up to the condos (with the private beach) where we used to stay back in the days when this vacation was a semi-annual event; back when I had only one child and things were less expensive.

The next morning we woke up to views like this.

Rick and Laura wanted to rehearse a little before going to the lake which was fine by all of us. As luck would have it, the downstairs room you first enter had amazing acoustics and became our temporary music room.

I don’t know about you, but I am a firm believer that every house should come with its own house band. This was just one of the many highlights this vacation held. They rehearsed for about an hour and then we headed off to the lake. Because it was Labor Day weekend the traffic was pretty crazy, but we all maintained a sense of humor about it and eventually made our way down to the water. Again, the weather was perfect! When we’d all spent enough time there some of the adults wanted to check out a flea market we’d seen on our way to the lake.  We sweetened the kids up first.

This was the only purchase made at the flea market.

That night was the concert Rick and Laura had been rehearsing for, and the theatre they performed in was an old converted boathouse.

After the show, while merchandise was being sold and Rick and Laura schmoozed with fans, three out of four kids took over the stage to do a show of their own.

I wish we could have stayed longer, but alas, school and the everyday demands of life made that impossible. Still, it was a wonderful break, and I can’t wait to go back. Laura was saying it would make for a great writer’s retreat and as I told her, she, Rick and I are all writers, so I say lets go for it! Wanna come along?


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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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3 Responses to Vacation-Part Two

  1. bethany says:

    sounds awesome, and looks like a great place for a retreat!

  2. Sounds wonderful honey 🙂

    Bridget, I’ve nominated you for an award, but please don’t feel obligated to accept.

    You’ll find all the info here…


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