And the Survey Says…

…To keep writing! Yep, that’s the latest advice I have found in my quest to figure out how to better market my books. They had charts and everything proving that if you blog every day, you’ll pick up many more followers than if you just blog a couple times a week, as I have been doing.

Here’s my concern: what the heck can I come up with to write about every single day? I love to write and I do write some amount of fiction each day, so I am thinking I may be sharing a little more of that, at least from time to time. I also have the luxury of having a great photographer in the family, so I can share more pictures in a pinch. Still, seven days a week might be a bit much. I think I’ll take at least one day off. After all, even the big guy had one day of rest!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read “Searching for My Wand” or “On a Hot August Afternoon” here are the links again.

Next up will be “The Salacious Marny Ottwiler” so you need to get caught up!



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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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7 Responses to And the Survey Says…

  1. Blogging every single day is hard work, but, replying to the comments is really where the time suck kicks in 😦

    Good luck honey xx

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    For my first year of blogging I posted 7 days a week.. I eventually cut my main blog back to 3 days and started up 3 more specialty blogs that post once per week. Less time spent coming up with posts and more time for each post to receive comments. I don’t think the frequency of posting has as much to do with gaining new followers as does the social interaction of visiting other blogs, following, and leaving comments. The mere existence of a post does not draw followers as much as connecting with others to let them know your posts are there. And it can be very time consuming. A real quandary.

  3. Laura Hall says:

    I wonder also if people receive a blog 7 days a week, are you training them to just delete it? I don’t know. I also have a suggestion. You could ask your readers to give you suggestions as to what to write about; a theme, an opening line, a character, etc. It could be almost like a game.

    • I wonder the same, which is why I’m only doing this on a trial basis. That said, my numbers for the past few days are up. Now maybe everyone is just back from vacation, or maybe they are on to something. It’ll be interesting to see at any rate.

  4. kenyagjohnson says:

    I love your billboard 😉 I WISH I could blog everyday. Even if I had the time, it doesn’t necessarily come with thoughts.

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