Opening Night Jitters

Last night was my daughter Tori’s opening night in Beauty & the Beast. It’s been two years since she has been in a play, and the last one she did was my musical, “Room to Grow”. Although she played one of the central characters in that, it was more of an ensemble cast and of course she was only ten, doing a play her mother wrote. It was a totally different experience. Playing the role of Belle is a huge responsibility, and yesterday she was feeling the weight of the world.

She called me from rehearsal around ten, and said she didn’t feel good. I knew it was nerves but she insisted she was going to throw up, and a few minutes later did just that. She came home to take it easy, but of course, relaxing was out of the question. Fortunately, her favorite aunt had come down for this monumental occasion and we were able to distract her, at least a little. Still, by the time we went to the show I was feeling nervous as well.

The lights went down, the narrators took the stage and within a minute Tori came out for the opening song. It was flawless. As the show progressed I continued to hold my breath, but by intermission, I knew she was nailing it! Everyone told me how amazing her voice is, but I was most impressed by her acting. I know she can sing. She’s been singing for years now and I hear it daily, but the acting has grown by leaps and bounds. She was able to convey emotions that surpass anything a twelve-year-old has experienced. It was truly amazing, and obviously, I could not be prouder!

This afternoon she has a matinée, and then she simply sings in the pit for the final two performances as an entirely different cast performs. Once again she is feeling nervous, but I am hopeful that she’ll be able to enjoy herself a little more today. I am in awe of the job she has done and cannot wait to see what she does next. I can honestly say this child never ceases to amaze me.


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6 Responses to Opening Night Jitters

  1. Awww that’s wonderful! I know that sick feeling you can get being nervous for your child. I’ve only been like that for a basketball game. I can’t imagine a play.

  2. Laura Hall says:

    Bravo! she was indeed brilliant. I know you’re going to be proud no matter what, cause you’re her mother, but she really is talented. what a joy to see her shine like that!

  3. Tori is so incredibly talented. It was a joy to watch her perform!

  4. TheJackB says:

    That is awesome. Our kids are great. I am sure as she does this a few times she will grow more comfortable.

  5. Wow, you must be so proud. Really pleased she pulled it off. She must be a chip off the old block!

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