Lazy Summer Days

As difficult as this summer has been with the construction next door and our limited finances, there have been moments of greatness, too. Yesterday was one of those times when it all fell into place in the simplest way. My younger daughter was at camp and my sister was at work, leaving just Tessa and I at home. We were each doing our own thing. I was in my room going through emails, reading marketing strategies, etc. while she was in the other room on the other computer.

After a while, I went out to get some water and discovered she had turned on the T.V. and was watching “The New Adventures of Old Christine”. This is a show that I never watched until the last season, and then I was sorry I had come to the party so late. It is really funny. In this particular episode, Christine’s ex, Richard, has broken up with his fiancé, New Christine. Old Christine’s brother and her best friend (played brilliantly by Wanda Sykes), have gone over to get back some of Richard’s things. While there they help New Christine to get in touch with her feelings which she eventually comes to realize center around a deep hatred for Richard. She gathers Richard’s things and burns them instead of handing them over. When Richard finds out he is thrilled, claiming hatred is a cousin to love, and he decides to go get New Christine back. New Christine tells him hatred is a sister of murder, but he is not swayed.

I sat down to watch the rest of the show, and Tessa and I had the best time curled up on the couch laughing and enjoying the nonsense that ensued. We were especially pleased to find out there was another episode directly following the first. For a blessed hour I was able to ignore the jackhammers, trucks and restrictions of a less than perfect summer. At least for a while, all was well in my world, and for that I am extremely grateful.

How is your summer going? Have you had any time to just chill out and spend a lazy afternoon?


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4 Responses to Lazy Summer Days

  1. Ella says:

    So glad you made time to escape and laugh! I am finding summer is a bear to get any creative moments~ I find my house is the teenage hang house translation…major loud! I need quiet to give my creative thoughts time to mellow…no such luck! I am trying to ride the wave and find joy along the way! Happy you snuggled up with your daughter and laughed! It is so important to find joy in the ordinary day! 😀

    Off to comment on your post at A-Z ATB to you!

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Summer has picked up in the past couple weeks with some delightful travel back east. A lot of driving, but a lot of relaxation time as well.

    You left a great guest post at my blog.

    Tossing It Out

  3. I’ve got a few days left before I have to head back to work. It’s been a wonderful summer of relaxation and creativity. 🙂

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