The Birthday Post To Top All Of The Others

I was talking to my sister Megan the other day, and she reminded me that her birthday was coming up and that she would be expecting to read about it on my blog. As I do so often with her, I laughed. With only thirteen months between us, Megan has been my partner in crime since we were babies. We have laughed, cried, fought with and loved each other our whole lives with an intensity that surpasses all others.

Of course I write that and I think, hmmm, really, more than our kids? More than the man she’s been married to since she was twenty one? (I’m not saying which birthday this is but let the record show that she and Dave have been married for quite some time, and she met him when she was only sixteen.) More than chocolate? More than a large blended from Coffee Bean? Well, you get the picture, we are very close.

One of the things I love most about Megan is that when I ask my daughter what I should say about her, she smiles from ear to ear and laughing, says “she’s crazy!” Megan is the fun aunt. She’s the one who the kids all want to go visit and with whom they want to share all of their accomplishments. She’s who will travel hundreds of miles to see Tori perform in a play, or to be here for any other special event.

She is also the reason I write, because she has encouraged me to tell her stories, from the time we were very little and shared a room, right up to the present. She wants only the best for me and in turn I want the same for her.

We have both been through some very dark days, but even at our worst we can usually make the other laugh, and it has kept us afloat. I love you, Megan, with all my heart, and I hope your birthday and the coming years are filled with all of the joy and happiness you so richly deserve. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I look forward to our hopelessly daft, doddering days as the old ladies we will no doubt become. Bring it on!



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6 Responses to The Birthday Post To Top All Of The Others

  1. Margarita says:

    Bring it on, indeed! Happy birthday Megan! 🙂

  2. Aww what a lovely and touching tribute to your sister. She sounds wonderful. My sisters are like that too, particularly my older sister (we are only 18 months apart) and it is a fantastic feeling to not only love your family, but like them too. Hope she has a very happy birthday.

  3. This was a sweet birthday tribute. Happy Birthday to your sis!

  4. Laura Hall says:

    makes me think of my sisters, and all we’ve been through together.

  5. Happy Birthday, Megan!
    I always wanted a sister. You both are very lucky. 🙂

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