I Was Warned

I debated putting my book up for free as I have said before, because I was warned the KDP Select program no longer works like it used to. I was specifically told by another writer that it brings out trolls who can’t wait to write one-star reviews and do their best to sabotage. I didn’t want to believe it, and yet in less than twelve hours after putting “On a Hot August Afternoon” up for free, I received my first ever negative review.

The funny part is that one of the things the reviewer says is that the book is too long. I find that a little telling, seeing as they claim to have read it, written and posted their review in less than a day. After all, they say they are glad it was free, so it’s not as though they had bought it before the promotion. The shocking part is how foolishly hurt I was by it. Logically, I knew this could happen, and both the fact that it was written so quickly as well as nastily makes the intention clear.

It irks me that Amazon allows such blatant reviews like this, and yet they removed another five star review because they claimed the reviewer had done something wrong, but refused to tell her what that “wrong” thing was. Unfortunately, until another review is written, the one star review is the first one you see when you go to my amazon page.

In the time I had the book up for free, I received 553 downloads, and I am hopeful that soon someone will knock that negative review down a few notches. I realize not everyone loves every book. If I truly believed this person had written this to warn people not to part with their money, it would be hard to take, but fair. However, the way in which it was done makes the intent too obvious.

For those of you who are interested, here is the review that was pulled.

Simply splendid!, June 27, 2012


This review is from: On a Hot August Afternoon (Kindle Edition)

I have just finished and thoroughly enjoyed another Bridget Straub novel. This is a perfect summer read as you get to travel with the characters to places you may never have been. The book also offers a look inside of the complexities of a large wealthy family. I got a kick out of the similarities of families in general; rich or poor, large or small. Once I got started and met the characters I was hooked. The storyline was captivating and there was no predictable turn in the book. I was even surprised when I read the epilogue. I will be patiently anticipating what is next for Ms. Straub.

Now why would this be illegal?


About bridgetstraub

Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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11 Responses to I Was Warned

  1. Margarita says:

    So sorry about your experience. I don’t like Amazon and don’t use them, so the best I can do is commiserate. Sorry!

  2. I completely understand your hurt. Try not to sweat that because you know its not true. I don’t believe for one second that they read it from start to end in one day. Now I have been warned via your experience. Thanks for sharing but I am also so sorry for your experience.

  3. I’ve heard of some petty stuff on GoodReads as well. Sorry Bridget. As soon as I’ve read your book I’ll do a review, but it will be a couple of weeks:)

  4. Negative reviews never feel good, but they are part of the business. Sometimes I wonder how people can be so hurtful in writing those reviews. It’s one thing not like a book, but quite another to be cruel. I’m sorry that happened to you. Your book is downloaded onto my kindle and I have it on my list to read while on vacation this week. 🙂

  5. Oh honey (((((hugs))))) 😦

    I tend to adopt the view that if you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all when it comes to reviewing on Amazon & Goodreads. Unless of course it’s HORRENDOUSLY bad 😉

    Chin up honey, and whatever you do, don’t reply to it!!!! I’ve seen that a few times and it just looks awful lol


  6. Regardless of how tough we are (or aren’t) I imagine the hurt will always be the initial reaction to a bad review. I had to go check it out. Out of 8 reviews by that person, only 1 was a “good” review. I wouldn’t take it heart. -Remind me I said that when I get my first bad review, lol. As Vikki said, chin up!

  7. Carole Williams says:

    I just left a review of the book – loved it! My only complaint was I thought the ending was rushed. I wanted to understand how Pete and Stacey moved on, not just that they did. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book, and I am glad I read it. Keep writing!

    • Carole,
      Thank you so much. You have made my night! I cant even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your leaving a review and just the fact that you took the time to read the book. That’s the cake! The review is the icing on top!

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