Recurring Dreams

Do you have any dreams that repeat themselves? Although mine are rarely the same storyline, there are two locations that are featured often, and last night I dreamed of both of them. The first is walking through the neighborhood that I grew up in. I’m always walking home, generally with one or more of my sisters and sometimes my kids. Last night, we were walking past all of these nice homes (none of which really exist) and several of them were broken, crumbled and uninhabitable. I remember saying to my daughters, “Who’d have thought eight years after the earthquake these would still be untouched?”

The second dream took place in an area that I know doesn’t exist but acts as though it’s from my childhood. It’s a pathway that you can only get to by jumping a fence, and then it runs along all of these backyards. There’s always the fear of getting caught trespassing, but usually I’m using it as a shortcut. Last night, I was with a group of people and I was the lookout while they each jumped the fence. The last one to jump over was the six-year-old daughter of a friend who wasn’t with us, and I had to toss her over and then act casual as someone drove past.

When the coast was clear I jumped the fence, but the others hadn’t waited for me. I ran to catch up and as I turned a corner I came across a crowded outdoor market, which although I’ve never seen before, came as no surprise. I continued looking for my group, avoiding my daughter’s former kindergarten teacher who was shopping. I saw that there was now an entrance on a side street, which seemed a shame, and I turned back to leave the way I had come. Suddenly, the ground rolled and monstrous creatures evolved and everyone began running and screaming. The last thing I remember is thinking that movies like this are so stupid.

So, I ask you, what the??? Do you ever analyze your dreams? I know I read a post about an outdoor market in France yesterday, but there was no mention of monsters. I find it interesting that I would dream of both recurring locations on the same night. What do you suppose that’s about?


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14 Responses to Recurring Dreams

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Interestingly enough–perhaps serendipitous–I wrote about a similar topic today on my dream blog A Faraway View. I frequently dream about locations that are similar to places in past dreams. The way you recorded your dream is very well done and similar to dreams I’ve had. I sometimes attempt to analyze my dreams, but most just record them and perhaps use them for story ideas. If you are interested in dreams you might want to check out my dream blog

    A Faraway View

  2. Margarita says:

    I’m not good at remembering dreams or at analyzing their meanings. A friend told me years ago that it’s not about the images, it’s about the feelings they evoke…maybe that helps?

  3. I used to have two recurring dreams growing up. For some reason, once I got married they both seemed to disappear. Were they leading me to him? No clue. Sometimes I wonder if they were past life experiences because the dreams never changed and I was always a part of the action, not just watching it from above.

    I’ve also had dreams like you described where nothing is coherent, but it makes sense at the time then you wake up frowning because it was just asinine!

  4. That’s interesting that your recurring dreams sort of intertwined. I had the same recurring dream for years about being lost. (I wrote about it). Once I figured it out, really analyzed it – I haven’t had the dream again. It was like a scary bad dream but it wasn’t a happy one and it was annoying. I’d be analyzing like crazy to make sure that monster didn’t come back. You handled it well “movies like this are stupid”. I would have been the one in the dream falling and leaving a shoe behind and screaming in real life.

  5. I very rarely dream, which is annoying, as I’m sure I could use them for story ideas 😉


  6. Katherines Corner says:

    I dream constantly I remember most of them. I learned a long time ago from professional dream analyst that dreams are rarely what they may appears to be.My husband rarely remembers his dreams. My dreams are often a direct result of the days events.I have several reoccurring nightmares…. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo P.S. I’m having a party at Katherines Corner today and you are invited!

  7. emmyleigh says:

    My recurring dreams tend to involve being lost or trying to get somewhere, often featuring a huge railway station or similar. Last night was dreaming I couldn’t find my new timetable and didn’t know where my class was (I’m a teacher). I like the theory the dreams are working through the stresses we feel while awake, and so it’s often a good thing not to remember them.

  8. Gosh, you were able to remember both dreams so vividly (and you write so well too). My dreams always fade so I can barely remember them. When I was younger, 9 or 10, I had a recurring dream that I could fly. Dreams are weird!

  9. My parents thought I was totally nuts growing up – because of my dreams. When I was very young, I had a lot of nightmares. As I got older, I started having one particular dream that would occur annually, the night before school started. That went on for several years. I have dreamed westerns, had serial dreams that would literally indicate “to be continued,” which they would the next night. I’ve even had a few film noir dreams over the years, although I can’t remember those anymore. Other recurring themes involve being in my office building (which isn’t really my office building), and being trapped in various elevators there, prying open the doors and jumping from one to the next. My favorite though involves a house that doesn’t exist, on a beach that doesn’t exist, and the ship moored nearby. I have that dream randomly once or twice a year, and it brings me unbelievable peace. I really with I could live in that place … or at least dream it more often. 😦 Oh, aside from my parents thinking me nuts because of my odd dreams, the other thing they never understood was waking me up only to be asked to give me 5 more minutes to go back to sleep and finish my dream. I still don’t think they believe me on that, but it would usually work. I can’t seem to do that anymore. I hope your dream isn’t the foreshadowing of a real earthquake or some other shake-up in your life).

    • Yikes, I hadn’t considered it could shadow a quake! We’re kind of due. That’s fascinating that you have so many recurring dreams.

      • The night before school starting was always the strangest. It involved an evil mailman plotting to destroy the school, my sister and I being at a department store shopping with our Mom and capturing the mailman between the two sets of entry doors. Very strange! What can I say? I’m an odd duck. I was also very dark skinned as a kid, with long dark hair past my fanny. So many people asked me if I was Indian (not sure if they meant American Indian or from India) that I would have dreams about an encampment of Native American Indians in an empty lot near my house. They would kill my family and take me to live among them. I spent many a night keeping watch at my bedroom window because of that one LOL. Like I said … 😉

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