Another First

    Tessa pulled her first all nighter last night, not because she had to, but because she wanted to. It’s become a rite of passage among her friends, and she’s been telling me for a year now that everyone else has been allowed to do it, so why not her? Admittedly, “Why not her” has been for selfish reasons. I trust her (probably beyond reason), but I spent years not sleeping when her brother was a teenager and have no desire to start the pattern again. Somehow last night when she asked, it seemed time. After all, she is starting high school next month. So I agreed, with the stipulation that this was not a license to now declare that she could stay up as late as she wants, whenever she wants. She agreed because she’s Tessa, and without a doubt the most reasonable one of the family.

    We said goodnight around midnight, wishing her luck, and then I laid awake for a good hour just aware that the house was not asleep. Eventually I fell asleep, but I awoke several times curious as to whether or not she’d have gotten bored and gone to bed. Each time, after a few minutes I’d hear her moving around and I’d go back to sleep. About the third time this happened I got up to see what she was doing, it now being 6:35am. She sat slouched in the computer chair, headphones on, reading a book and when she saw me she smiled proudly.

    Can I just take a moment to say that her smile warms my heart like nothing else? She has the ability to laugh at herself, and to know when something is silly but still worth fighting for. Her sheepish grin said it all. She came, she conquered.

    I told her I wasn’t really getting up and she followed me back to my room, where laying  next to me she admitted that a bed did feel good. A minute later she told me now that it was morning, she was going to bed. She’d done what she set out to do, and pleased with herself, she has gone off to sleep. I love that girl. She is like a warm hug. She just leaves me happy!


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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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5 Responses to Another First

  1. Rick Hall says:

    Today you are a woman!
    Great mom post.

  2. Laura Hall says:

    Great post. Go Tessa!

  3. Tracy says:

    Completely sweet…

  4. Kayla says:

    She touches all of our hearts – our darling girl! Go Tessa!! And how lucky are we to have the most amazing children ever!!

  5. sanemom says:

    love it, and what a great milestone 🙂

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