Ups and Downs

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The past few weeks have been tough and the next few promise more of the same. We are stuck in that in between time where money is not coming in and it’s a struggle just to get by. However, on a more positive note, I have not only sold some books this month, but others have been borrowed from the Amazon library.

Correction; I have sold one book. On A Hot August Afternoon. It continues to baffle me as to why the others don’t sell. This being the rough month it is though, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means) and I am grateful for this spot of light in an otherwise difficult time. Just to be clear, all four books are available on Amazon!

Crashing Into Us

On a Hot August Afternoon

The Salacious Marny Ottwiler

Searching For My Wand

Hope there has been much light in your month and that there will continue to be! On to bigger and better times!

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Too Soon To Breathe?

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We are four days into the new school year, and after a few bumps along the way, all seems to be settling down. My older daughter is finishing out her last year in the original high school we chose, while my younger daughter has opted to go to a new school. As you know from a previous post, this was not an easy decision to make. Both girls would prefer to skip school all together, but seeing as that is not an option, they appear to be doing their best to make peace with their decisions.

I am hopeful that they can get through the year with as little drama as possible. High school being high school, I don’t know if that’s a crazy thought or not, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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When To Push

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When I was fourteen, my mother agreed to let me try a new “alternative” high school, and honestly, the results were somewhat disastrous. I wound up dropping out six months before graduating because the teachers were so full of themselves and that’s not just the conclusion of a disgruntled seventeen year old girl. When I look back on it now, it’s a wonder I lasted that long.

Fast forward to the present, when I have a fourteen year old daughter of my own trying to decide where to go to school. Her choices are to remain at the school she started at last year that has gone steadily downhill, or to move to a new school that some of the best teachers from the old school are starting. Last night we went to an open house at the new school, and if anything, it sounds too good to be true. The thing that is most intriguing is the enthusiasm of the directors and the creative approach to teaching. On many levels it seems a no brainer but here is where it gets difficult; friendship.

My daughter and her best friend have known each other since they were three. They have gone to elementary school, middle school and begun high school together. She doesn’t want to leave her because she fears they will never see one another. They will hang with different people and drift apart, and as much as I’d like to tell her that could never happen, I can’t say it. There is the very real possibility that it could, and while I can say as an adult that it might be meant to happen, I know as a child that is scary and a miserable thought.

I love her best friend and would be really sad if they don’t remain close, and yet do I push her to risk it, or do I leave the decision up to her? I want what’s best for her, and educationally speaking, I think the new school is where she belongs, but emotionally I’m just not sure.

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Constant Pressure

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We are still a year away from college and yet it has taken over our lives in an all encompassing way that I never imagined possible. I swear a day does not go by that we don’t discuss it in some way, and we have been inundated with materials from every college, ivy league as well as local. The money they must spend (not to mention the amount of trees they must kill) to print up the numerous beautiful catalogues they send us is just shy of criminal. It is also overwhelming.

I would give just about anything to stop thinking about this. It’s bad enough to have to give up your child to these institutions, but should they really be allowed to take over my life a year in advance in such an unrelenting manner?

Today’s stress comes from trying to figure out how to visit Vanderbilt in the next few weeks? Months? Do we even have months? Before we know it we will be filling out applications, and it would be nice to have some concrete sense of where my child will spend a substantial part of her time. We have been to Davis and Stanford. We need to get to UCLA but it’s so local that it eludes us, and then there is Vanderbilt.

I like the idea of going to Nashville. I would love to explore a new city and the potential future home of my daughter. Can I start a Kickstarter campaign for this sort of thing? They have certainly backed less important endeavors. In the meantime, as always, I need to sell some books!

Have you read Crashing Into Us? I promise you, it will be hard to put it down!

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A Moment to Savor

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I was sitting on my bed last night, winding down and flipping through the channels on the ancient TV I have back in my room, when I came across a favorite old movie. The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was just starting and I paused to watch a little, thinking I had seen it fairly recently and that it probably wouldn’t be that great to see it again so soon. Still, I was enjoying the opening scene when Tessa came in, asked “Is that The Proposal?” and told me she’d be right back.

She returned and we snuggled on my bed, laughing more than I’d thought we would. A few scenes into it Tori came in. “Is that The Proposal? You are watching without me?” she objected, claiming it is one of her favorites as well. We pushed over and she joined us. It was one of those perfect moments when all was right in the world.

I love spending time together like that, and I am all too aware of the fact that moments with my girls snuggled together will become fewer and further apart as they continue to grow and move out on their own. I am so grateful for times like this.

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A New Post

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It feels like forever since I have posted anything, probably because it has been, at least in comparison to how I have posted in the past. Somehow this summer, in which we really haven’t done a thing, has been extra hectic. I don’t know why. I blame it on dogs and babies and the looming threat that my daughter will be leaving for college next year.

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Lately I have been taking long walks, daydreaming about a new book that is percolating around my brain. I’ve chosen the neighborhood the main characters all grew up in and I’ve come up with their names, how they met, etc. I have a general idea of what the story is about, but like always, where it goes and how it ends remains to be seen.

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I’m sure sooner or later I will get back to a routine of posting regularly, but right now I’m just allowing myself to take things one day at a time. If I feel like writing, I write. If not, I don’t. In the meantime I’ve been taking a lot of pictures.

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Author to Author: Paying It Forward

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 My friend and fellow author Kenya tagged me in this post with the understanding that I would pay it forward as is indicated in the above title. The idea is that as authors, we all introduce our readers to other authors they might not have discovered up until now. It is also a way to remind you that hey! I’m an author too! So before I introduce you to others, allow me to answer the four questions that also go with being tagged in this blog hop.

Question no. 1) What are you working on?

I have an idea percolating about a woman who is a real estate developer but gets carried away buying up empty lots because she… what? I’m not sure what is motivating her to get in over her head. All I know is that her husband or boyfriend ( I’m not sure which he is) has concerns and no doubt this is going to become an issue in their relationship. I really have only just come up with this, but I’m curious to see where it leads.

no. 2 How does your work differ from others in the genre?

My novels are generally optimistic even when the characters are struggling. I think in life, humor is in everything, even when surrounded by a fair amount of drama. I also work hard not to write too predictably. Sure, there are some common denominators, but I don’t want my readers to see something happen and know for certain what is going to happen next.

no.3 Why do you write what you write?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never know what is going to happen with my characters and like any reader, I want to find out. These ideas come to me and I am compelled to see what happens next.

no. 4 How does your writing process work?

Lately I have been taking long walks, and the other day I came across this empty lot at the top of a long hill. As I was catching my breath, I looked at the for sale sign and then at the incredible views, thinking you could build a great house here. I also thought if you walked up that hill every day you’d have a great exercise program. Suddenly I had an image of someone telling their significant other that they had bought a $500,000 lot as an exercise plan, and viola! an idea was born. I came home and wrote the opening lines, and when I get back to it (hopefully this week), I’ll see what develops.

Okay, so now onto others. First off, there is of course Kenya G Johnson, author of The Christopher Chronicles. It’s a book for adults – a coffee table book of sorts – the sort you can pick up, read and get a good laugh from. You can buy it here:

You can also check out her blog here:

Next is Claire Hennessy or Crazy California Claire Trust me when I tell you that she is hilarious. She is soon to publish her first book, and I for one cannot wait! In the meantime, she has been included in the book Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit and you can get your copy here:

I’m probably supposed to tag others but I realized that other than Kenya, Claire is the only one I can think of with a book out right now. Perhaps if you follow both of them, they will be able to introduce you to even more good reads. and of course you can get my latest novel Crashing Into Us here:

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