The purpose of this site is to find a larger audience for the ridiculous amount of writing I do. How ridiculous, you ask? In just one year I wrote four novels, nearly completed a sequel to the second novel and collaborated with my friend Laura Hall (best known for her piano skills on Whose Line Is It Anyway?) on a musical “Room to Grow” that is, quite frankly, brilliant.  I have since written a screenplay, a sitcom pilot and a few more novels. I am nothing if not prolific. All the while, I have been raising my two daughters and Laura and I continue work towards mounting a professional production of the aforementioned musical.I also like to draw and/or paint.

My immediate future needs to be about marketing, while continuing to do what I love, and what better way to go about it than to write? The fact that pen and paper is my favorite medium may serve as a hindrance to my computer-impaired brain, but I am determined to get past that, and lets face it, if this has been posted then I am well on my way.

All of my novels, Searching for My Wand, On a Hot August AfternoonThe Salacious Marny Ottwiler and Crashing Into Us, are all available for purchase on Amazon. Go check them out!

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Did That Look Like Spam?

I opened my mail to this promotion this morning.

amazon photoI then tried to add text and it wouldn’t allow me to do so. Our internet has been AWFUL! so I just sent it as is, but then a friend checked to be sure I had posted it.

I was wildly excited when I saw this and am hopeful that it will boost sales. To be honest, so far it hasn’t, but the day is young. I plan to tweet about it all day and if you feel so inclined you could do the same. For now I am just grateful for some Universal support!

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Look at That!

amazon photo

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While Away…


We got to snuggle with some of life’s most precious gifts. Prepare yourselves for an overload of cuteness and perfection!


I mean, come on now! How lucky could we be? I am so grateful for my family and the joy they bring me.

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A Post Before I Go

photo (3)

We are hitting the road tomorrow for a much needed spring break. As hopeful as I was for this year at the beginning, it has gotten off to a shaky start. There have been highs, such as the births of new babies, getting to attend that King’s game and a friend’s CD release party, but there have also been some real lows. My brother was diagnosed with cancer, (he’s doing well), I broke my toe, the girls school has been in major upheaval all year, and of course, our finances continue to be a constant struggle. I am hopeful that with this break we can refocus and come back inspired and ready to turn things around.

Okay, well, let’s be honest, I’m ready to turn things around right now, but I need to figure out how I can best do that. Wish me luck, and I will get back to posting when I get back.

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A Beautiful Path


I took this picture on my walk today and can’t help but think it screams symbolism. It is a beautiful stairway to nowhere. It literally runs into a wall. This is my 470th post on this blog and I have to say, this feels appropriate. I had such hope at the beginning of this journey and there has been some beauty, but lately I’ve hit a wall. I think I have some serious rethinking to do.

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Calling Sandra Bullock

my space 034

I have been trying to refocus on marketing again, and therefore I have been reading and listening to everything I can on the subject. It’s difficult because there is very little new information out there. It makes me crazy when you read advice such as; Write a good script. Really? Is that helpful to anyone? Are there people scratching their heads in astonishment, saying “By God, I never thought of that!” It’s silly, and more often a waste of time.

Recently, however, I was listening to a webinar in which they said one of the first things you should do is decide who you wish to emulate. My initial response was that I don’t want to emulate anyone. I want to be myself, and unique. Then I thought about books and films I like, and it became a little clearer what they were saying. So okay, I can think of various people who tell the kind of stories I do, what’s next? Well, apparently I should work with them. Sure, no problem.

In this particular webinar they made everything seem so simple. Gather fans in the industry so they will promote you. Right, and I would find these fans where? I suspect at big expensive seminars and conventions that these people are paid to speak at. It’s enough to make a girl hit her head against the wall, at least metaphorically speaking.

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep and decide if a friend is right that I should turn Crashing Into Us into a play, Sandra Bullock came to mind. She could play the lead in this, be it a film or a play. I guess I should just work with her. So, Sandy, babe, give me a call.

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photo of kings 2

A couple of weeks ago I received an urgent text from my daughter that the LA Kings were hosting a couple of Business of Hockey seminars, and she had to be there. I made calls and pushed to get her in as it wasn’t geared towards sixteen-year-olds, but college students and older. One of the ways we got her in was by offering my sister’s skills as a professional photographer. Along with the ticket to the seminar, each attendee was given a ticket to the game after. It was a great deal.

So last week my daughter and sister both got to attend the first seminar and game, and they came home with lots of stories. They also came home with a ticket for me to attend this weekend, as an added bonus for some additional pictures they wanted my sister to take at the next game.

As the mother of a child who wants to go into business (preferably with the Kings organization) as well as an author, I found the seminar fascinating. I loved hearing from people at the top of their fields who didn’t all start off with so much promise. It was both inspiring and a little discouraging to hear that, just as with a career in writing, it’s all about connections. It was repeated again and again that as important as résumés are, it’s personality and connections that are going to propel you to the top. I also enjoyed watching my daughter take the opportunity she was given so seriously. Over the two days, she took more than eight pages of notes. She has come away with a clearer idea of what she wants to pursue and how she needs to proceed.

Lastly, there was the hockey game, and we were given tickets to a private VIP box which may have spoiled me, because it was the ideal spot to watch the game. We were close enough to see everything, but we did so in absolute luxury.

Later this week they are doing a third seminar, Women in Hockey. I want to go.

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