The purpose of this site is to find a larger audience for the ridiculous amount of writing I do. How ridiculous, you ask? In just one year I wrote four novels, nearly completed a sequel to the second novel and collaborated with my friend Laura Hall (best known for her piano skills on Whose Line Is It Anyway?) on a musical “Room to Grow” that is, quite frankly, brilliant.  I have since written a screenplay, a sitcom pilot and a few more novels. I am nothing if not prolific. All the while, I have been raising my two daughters and Laura and I continue work towards mounting a professional production of the aforementioned musical.I also like to draw and/or paint.

My immediate future needs to be about marketing, while continuing to do what I love, and what better way to go about it than to write? The fact that pen and paper is my favorite medium may serve as a hindrance to my computer-impaired brain, but I am determined to get past that, and lets face it, if this has been posted then I am well on my way.

All of my novels, Searching for My Wand, On a Hot August AfternoonThe Salacious Marny Ottwiler and Crashing Into Us, are all available for purchase on Amazon. Go check them out!

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Looking into Options

cover 1

As I prepare to publish my fifth novel, Hanging From the High Wire, I have of course been looking for ways to get this book the attention it deserves. I’m very proud of this book as it deals with, among other things, parenthood, and just how overwhelming that can be. I am hopeful that it will be a subject that many can relate to, and therefore a bestseller.

What I have discovered is that advertisement is costly, and surprisingly competitive. I was prepared for some cost, but now books have to have five star reviews before these advertisers will even accept your money. One of the more popular outlets is Bookbub. If they accept your book, they will promote you to thousands of readers for a price. In anticipation of my upcoming publication I have been checking into what other authors have reported to be worthwhile. Bookbub scores highly, but there are two things that bother me; 1) they often describe books as having anywhere from 750 to 1500 reviews, which seems ridiculous. It also makes me wonder if people are paying for reviews much in the same way that they pay for twitter followers. 2) they push you to put your book up at a reduced price, if not for free.

The one complaint I have heard about Bookbub is that their readers feel entitled to free books and rarely buy anything. Yes, if they download your book enough you may be declared a bestseller, but what good is that if you don’t make a dime? If I want to give away my work, I certainly don’t need to pay Bookbub $200 for the privilege, right?

Soon I will begin approaching other bloggers who cater to an audience of parents, in the hope of writing some guest posts along with a mention of the book, but I feel compelled to try something new this time, and maybe Bookbub is worth a shot. I’m just really torn though.

What say yee? Yay or Nay?

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Twenty Five Years Later


It is almost 25 years ago to the day, that my sister called with the news that she and my brother in-law Dave, were adopting a baby, sooner rather than later. A birth mother had chosen them to be parents to the baby that she insisted was due any day now. I packed my bags, as did my excited four year old son Nick, and along with my sister Sari, we all traveled up to Northern California to await this imminent birth.

We painted the guest room and set it up as a nursery. Then we waited. We hung out, dreamed of this new arrival, and we waited some more. Sari had to return to LA for work, but my son and I stayed… and waited. Sari returned and still we waited. April came and went and there we were in May! Finally the day came when we received word that the baby was on it’s way. The new parents raced to the hospital, and we anxiously waited. I remember being out on the back deck, my son playing in a wading pool, when we got the call. I can see my son’s delight as if it were yesterday, as my sister told him he had a boy cousin.

Well last year that baby boy had a baby of his own, and now history is repeating itself. His second baby is due, and some would say overdue. I have been up here for three weeks, and every day we all wonder if this will be the day. We can’t wait to meet this new baby girl. Her sister is pure joy, and just as it was 25 years ago, it is fun getting to hang out with the family I miss when at home. I’m in for the long haul. I’ll gladly wait for the perfection that I know this next little one will be. And, while I do so I am so so grateful to be a part of this adventure.

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A Heavenly Break


I have been in Northern California for almost two weeks now and it has been heaven. There is still no new baby, although she is very close, but just getting to hang with my sister and her family has provided a vacation from all of the stress that comes from life in the “real world”. In this world we get to play with Kylie, the perfect one year old, take day trips to Calistoga, go for a pedicure and enjoy the beauty of my nephew’s new property. Up here there are fluffy clouds, rainbows and endless sky!


Do I feel guilty that my girls had to go home and return to school? Sure, but I know once Kylie’s baby sister is born, they will return, along with my other sister who has been wonderful enough to watch over them in my absence. Soon enough I will have to return to the stresses of everyday life, but for now I am so grateful for the break!


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I’m Checking Out


For a little while anyway. On Sunday one of the best things to happen in a long time, will turn one year old. What is my nephew’s baby to me? Is she my great niece? Am I her great aunt? Regardless, we are both pretty great if I do say so myself, and I do, so there.

This baby has brought so much love and joy to my family, and this weekend we are going up north to celebrate. After, my kids will have to return to school, but I get to stay and wait for the arrival of the next bundle of joy, who is due any minute now.

The only frustration with staying up north is that for some crazy reason, my laptop can’t connect to my sister’s internet. It makes no sense, and no doubt I’ll try to set it up again, because my phone works with her internet, so the laptop should too. There are some things I can’t do on my phone though, such as blog. Either way it’ll be fine because I need to be editing Hanging From the High Wire. Have you voted on the cover yet? That was in yesterday’s post, so just scroll down.

I’m looking forward to some down time before I begin promoting my next novel. I am determined to make Hanging From the High Wire a bestseller. Hell, I’m determined to make all of my books bestsellers. First though, I get to go enjoy the magic of babies. I can’t wait!

ky slide

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Time to Choose

highwire_2a (2) reduced

highwire_3 (2) reducedIt’s that time again, the new book covers are here! At least the first attempts. I have to say, I love creating my own book covers, and I love each of  the ones I have gone with in the past. Still, I worry that maybe they aren’t grabbing the viewers. Its hard to be objective, and then you become self-critical. So I am turning to you. Your opinions are important. Which of these covers would you go with?

highwire_2 (2) reduced

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Up Late

F. 688 008

I stayed up late last night getting hooked into a weird show called You’re the Worst on FX. I still can’t decide if I like it, or if it’s bad. They put up all kinds of warnings about it being for mature audiences and containing language and sexual content. It was one in the morning, so maybe I was just tired, but I really didn’t find it nearly as shocking or cutting edge as they were clearly trying to make me think.

Maybe it comes from years of living in Los Angeles, and/or knowing people in “the biz”, but it was just sort of eh. The one think it had going for it is that the lead character is a writer, and he’s English besides. Just his accent alone makes everything he says sound good. I wound up watching several episodes and staying up until two. Then I tossed and turned, but got comfy about the time I should have been waking up. I slept until 9;30 which means I’ll be up late again tonight.

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My New Home

dream house

You know how they say you have to visualize to make your dreams come true? Well this is one of my dreams. I have never entered a contest so many times in my life, but this year’s HGTV Dream House is right up my ally. I’ve always wanted to go to the Cape, and what better way to get there?

Some of the design elements are of course overly designed for my taste. The stripes in the kids room for example, are a bit much, but I love the color of the beds. I figure I could sell off a lot of the things I don’t like and that might buy me another year’s worth of property taxes. After that I’ll sell it and put my money into a smaller home I might actually be able to afford.

I love the idea of writing a great novel on the Cape though. It just has a great feel to it!

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